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Maximus was bred by JuliAnne Knapp

JuliAnne purchased Milo and Jubilee from me before 2014. She is under contract to not sell, trade or transfer any kittens or  cats as breeders without my written permission. Unfortunately the contract was not honored.  

Maximus is a dock tail.

Sue sent me a FB message on 3/5/2018 showing the results for DNA testing of Maximus. He is being advertised as show quality NST and has been shown if TICA shows. A cat must have a natural short tail per the Highlander Breed standard  approved by TICA in 2006.

Maximus tests positive for Progressive Retinal Atrophy

 Progressive Retinal Atrophy results on the Wisdom panel results. Thanks to Sue for running the DNA tests. How sad for new breeders to be set up with a gene that if not tested for and bred around could result in affected Highlander kittens.

Genetically spreading the Progressive Retinal Atrophy Gene

As far as I have been able to discover at this point Maximus has been shared with at least 5 catteries that are producing kittens as breed quality and promoting him as the sire. He is a  male with breed type. However he carries the recessive gene for retinal atrophy.  A good breeder must weigh the benefits of breeding a recessive gene into your own cattery let alone willingly spreading to other catteries.

Damage to the genetic base of the Highlander Breed.

If you are a breeder and looking for a cat from a cattery that is producing cats by Northern Maximus. I would encourage you to have DNA test ran on the cat you are interested in purchasing as well as potential mates. Although the gene in its recessive state is not a particular problem for the cat carrying the gene. If you breed that cat to another cat that carries the gene you have the opportunity to have the entire litter of kittens affected by the disorder. 


I have worked hard to produce quality breed type and healthy cats. I have always feared that someone would be irresponsible and not follow the contract agreed on. Then there is the issue with the recessive gene being inundated into the breed by even more irresponsible breeders.  We did not have the ability to DNA test prior to 2016 hence not being aware. However I had long ago placed Jubilee's father and quit using cats from that line. He didn't have a strong enough under chin. As you can see Maximus also lacks under chin.

Northern Maximus

Results from the Wisdom panel DNA test done on Maximus. He is a docked tail cat. Test results provided tome by Sue on 03/05/2018.


It is disheartening to learn that such irresponsible actions have taken place by presenting him as standard show quality cat to TICA judges, and the entire Breed Section.  

Shown at TICA international Red River Rascals show. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Progressesive Retinal atrophy

Clinical Overview.